Thursday, 4 January 2018

Welcome 2018

I look back at this blog and I realize the gap between my posts have been growing bigger and bigger. I have to admit, real life (read: not my creative life) has been disruptive to the creation process that I found myself creating with big time intervals too. 2018 for me feels like a more manageable time, a more predictable year. Some hate predictability but this year, this year, I am craving it!

I have tossed New Year's resolutions out the window since I was in my early 20s. Every now and then I'd make a vague list in my mind true, but I've never made fervent lists like I did in my youth (i.e. eat healthy, save, study more, etc). This year, I felt the need to make a To Do list.

I love To Do lists, they are clear on what needs to be achieved. Each one I cross off is a huge relief and a positive enforcement (I've been learning dog behavior training in 2017 so this is a big deal in my current life). I think and I do.

2018 To Do list:
1. Blog again - day 4 of 2018, check
2. Develop and make Filipiniana dolls - day 3 of 2018, started a new study
3. Make more art dolls
4. Make more creepylicious Halloween bottles and creepylicious items
5. Restock OrangeJar Art Etsy shop - day 3 of 2018, activated shop again after Vacation mode
6. Market my works
7. Take more free classes that will help me accomplish things in this list (Curious Mondo; Webinar Ninja; Coursera, etc.) - day 3 of 2018, signed up for more classes
8. Open a new Printful Shop (my designs on tshirts, bags and more)
9. Declutter
10. Streamline

Let's see... I think I am happy with my list of 10. Most of them are open-ended, especially the last two items. Most of them are a guide to what I need to continue doing, number nine is a life philosophy I want to live by and number 10, is another guide I have started to accomplish with the creation of this list, because this list focuses what I want to do for the year.

Yes, I am happy with this list. Everything else will be bonus for my creative life this year. I wish you luck on your goals. Onwards to 2018!

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