Tuesday, 15 September 2009

'Fingers and Things' on exhibit

Check this out: an exhibit of Khaled Abdelwahed's "Fingers and Things" at Artsawa. The exhibition runs from Sept 28 till Oct 28, from 10am-6pm.

Khaled Abdulwahed was born in Syria but Lives and works in Dubai. His work is inspired by ordinary objects, which act as a catalyst to create intense - and sometimes uncomfortable moods.

In "Fingers", the artist's almost obsessive exploration of human digits takes him into the realms of outlandish surrealism which teases the spirit, but provides no punch lines.

In his "Things" studies , seemingly mundane 'subjects' are portrayed as overpoweringly solitary, giving a sense of pointlessness and melancholy isolation. Despite the compulsive forces that inform his work, Khaled's technique - a bold contradiction of technique and naivety - imbues all his work with a unique charm and humor that leaves the viewer feeling positive and strangely liberated.

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