Sunday, 27 September 2009

Help needed for victims of Typhoon Ondoy

A little but much important break from art-related stuff:

The Philippines has been rocked by a natural calamity - Typhoon Ondoy, international name Ketsana. Many places are flooded, houses destroyed and still, many people are in need of rescue.

Relief and rescue operations have been launched since the day the typhoon started wreaking havoc but more help is needed, either monetary or in kind.

You can send money directly to the Philippine Red Cross or if you're in the UAE and you want to give donations in kind, you can coordinate with the University of the Philippines Alumni Chapter (UPAA-UAE).

Cash pledges and donations in Dubai please call Abet Alba, 050-136 7265.
For Abu Dhabi, contact Earl Palacios - 050-8223516.
All other emirates, kindly coordinate Emily - 050-9533459.

If you want to donate goods - blankets, clothes (esp. for children), slippers, canned goods, rice, cooking oil, sugar, coffee, sleeping mats, medicine and first aid kits, etc. - please contact Arn Cerneo from LBC 050-9250662 and he can give you a free box.

Here are some video posts from the Philippines:

Don't know where the click video to donate leads to, but it's always safer to donate to the Red Cross or institutions you know.

Please spread the word.

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