Friday, 19 March 2010

Art Dubai

Art Dubai is still on until tomorrow. Be sure to check it out - it's an amazing collection of artworks from 70 galleries all over the world.

Art really is a strange and wonderful thing. There is so much creativity and ingenuity in the world. Here's a little collection of some artworks that were made with the most ordinary items you wouldn't normally think of when thinking of art.

A very colorful piece of of switches.

The little points are little seashells.

Take a guess? This light blue star and red background is made of... matchsticks! 

Side view of the matchsticks. 

Pebbles in a circular format, the mound in the middle looked like semi-precious stones. This reminded me of some sand art I used to work on while just lounging at the beach in Balayan (below).

This beauty is made of incense ashes and glue.

Plenty of blades as you can see.

A very sticky Mona Lisa - she's full of packaging tape!

By Jorge Mayet. This whimsical creation is a real wonder, those real-looking branches are made of electrical wires and everything else is paper mache. 

Here are some of my favorites:
I love the big, bold strokes on these three portraits on the right. Also love the sleeping lady on the left, mighty big creation for pen and ink (on board).

Aboriginal art from Australia. Love the colors and energy of the piece.

Honestly don't know what these little robots are but they are adorable!

Very striking bust.

This one reminded me of LOTR when Arwen with a dying Frodo, on the horse Asfaloth, called to the Misty Mountains to attack the ringwraiths - ahh gotta love fantasy.

I'm just sorry I can't identify them all. But thanks to all these artist for making the world a better place. There's still one full day tomorrow, check out Art Dubai. Have fun!

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