Friday, 12 March 2010

Mother's Day card-making competition

Every year, the UAE celebrates Mother's Day on the 21st of March, while majority of the world celebrates on the 8th of May. But no matter when Mother's Day is, it's always good to show your moms how much you love them.

Though you can always buy gifts, moms – big-hearted people that they are – are very touched with presents made by their children – a single flower cut from the garden, breakfast in bed (yes, even with the messy kitchen that comes with it) and in the great tradition of children all over the world, a Mother's Day card given with lots of hugs, 'I love yous' and 'Thank yous'.

This year, we would like to encourage all children to celebrate Mother's Day, so for the first time since OrangeJar went online, we are holding a Mother's Day card making competition in honor of all mothers who sacrifice a lot for their children.

Who are eligible? Children from age 1 -12, from any part of the world.

What do you have to do? Make a special Mother's Day card to thank your mom and to say I love you on Mother's Day. You can draw, paint, paste and write on the card to design it.

Inside: Write a short note to say 'Thank you' and 'I love you' to your mom.

Design tip: Think about your mom's favorite things, she would love to see it in your card's designs.

Note: The card should be two-fold, can be any size, as long as you can scan or take a picture of it to send to us.

Then what? Ask your auntie, uncle, dad, grandma, grandpa, elder brother or elder sister to help you scan your card (front and inside pages) and email it to

Please include: Your name, age and your mom's name.

We will post all the entries we get with your and your mom's name. So spread the word, tell your friends about this Mother's Day card competition.

The prize: A Gift Certificate for an OrangeJar caricature for one person, size A4 on canvas* that will be emailed to the winning contestant.

*We're planning special prices for special entries too!

Deadline of submission: March 20, 2010, 12 noon.

OrangeJar will choose the best entry and the winner, with his/her name, mom's name and winning entry will be posted on March 21, 2010, right here.

Don't forget to give your card to you mom on Mother's Day!

And remember, you can show your mom how much you love her everyday so be sure to giver her a hug.

This competition is a special tribute to Monica de Castro and Amor Mendoza for being women of strength and for being great mothers.

*Canvas print is only available depending on your location. If not applicable, an efile of the caricature will be sent.

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Michelle said...

i remembered my cousin making an a4 card
with all scribbles on it.