Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Filipiniana doll

Recently discovered the world of clay and doll making. So I've been experimenting with different types and have been coming up with several lines that will soon be available for sale or special order (oh so many fun uses - cake toppers, table mates, decorative pieces) on

Here's one of my experiments, a posable  Filipiniana doll. I haven't permanently fixed the clothes yet so it's a bit loose. She has a bakya on, a traditional pair of slippers usually made of a wooden base with cloth as the foot strap. My friend tells me that in their town in Paete, Laguna, the men shapes the wood while the women sews or crochets the straps. She is made of polymer clay and stands 11.5 inches tall. Her skin color is mostly of the natural terracotta finish of the clay but I've given it a light coat of paint to make it look a bit antique-y.

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