Thursday, 1 November 2012

Camels & Christmas

Happy Halloween!

The rest of the world is still celebrating Halloween but for us it was last night. And instead of scaring ourselves, hubby and I decided to laugh the night away at the premiere of Here Comes The Boom. Quite a funny and uplifting movie, thoroughly enjoyed it.

That was our treat to ourselves, the major break in our last two days' mad rush to finish work.   I've been creating new items for tomorrow's ARTE Souq Ikea. Been working mostly on some Christmas tree decorations - I have some pretty cute Christmas camels that will be charming your socks off.

Here's a preview of the Gingerbread men. Bet you would recognize this fellow here. Each piece will come with a red silk ribbon to make your Christmas tree more merry.

Hope to see you tomorrow at ARTE Souq Ikea!

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