Sunday, 25 November 2012

Crafters of 10a Alabama

In my 10 days in Manila, I had the wonderful opportunity to check out the 10a Alabama Arts & Crafts Fair. 

My friend Betsy is a regular, she sells their hand made items labeled Orig Kami Handmade Novelties by Alejo-Aytin such as handpainted eggs, bottles and wooden spoons together with handpainted jute bags and other hand painted wooden mediums made by her dad and sister. He husband also offers a great collection of origami earrings. 
Orig Kami Handmade Novelties by Alejo-Aytin
I'm a great admirer of Betsy's work since we were in college. I have commissioned her before for a painting of daisies which I gave to my godmother who collects daisy designs, and more recently, I have commissioned painted bottles which were supposed to be given away as wedding favors (long story why it's "supposed to be" but that order is on hold for now). Also in my possession is a lovely reproduction of Gustav Klimt's The Kiss lovingly done on an antique canvas, which she also painted. 

Whenever I go home in Manila, we make it a point to meet at least once, so it was nice being able to surprise her by turning up at the fair. As usual, she wowed me with her creations and her long list of "to dos". Evidently, she doesn't have the time to finish up the orders that are still in queue - way to go Bets!

It's always great meeting up with her, I always end up inspired and motivated to explore my own art. Christine, another college friend, was also there hanging out. She's into make-up now, both teaching and make-up service, and she can easily talk her way around brushes, concealers and more. It's been so long since I last saw her we just gabbed as if to fill in the years in between.

But enough of that for now, here are lovely finds in 10a Alabama, enjoy!

*Note: The watermarks on the photos are only there to indicate that these photos are mine. The products and brands featured in each photo are of the respective artist. 

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