Saturday, 1 December 2012

5th Annual Bayanihan Festival celebrations

It rained all morning yesterday, it was unbelievable. A stormy day, complete with thunder and lightning in always sunny Dubai. We got stuck in the car, unable to bring the Say Cheese UAE Photobooth materials down, les the rain messes up with the set-up specially the electrical systems. When the rain stoped up, we still couldn't bring the stuff in because the ground was wet and the park management has cancelled authorization for electrical supply.

Finally, at around 3pm, we got the go signal that we can set-up. We found a place and the fun was on! We had not time to relax since the queue did not stop. It thinned at times, but there was always somebody in line.

Here are some images from the event. If you were there and had your photos taken, you can download, tag and share your photo from

And some photos of around Dubai and the rain. :)

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