Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Legal documents & zombie apocalypse

I have been facing a monstrous amount of documentation in the last few days and yesterday's good news brought it to my attention that I needed them all, last month.

It's surprising how so many official government offices needs to authenticate each other, and not just in my home country the Philippines, but also here in the UAE, and in Cyprus. It's a chorus of the same line: obtain certified true documents, authentication at the Ministry of Justice, authentication at the Department of Foreign Affairs.

It's overwhelming when you really sit down to think about it. Thank goodness for the Internet and people posting in forums and websites - so most everything now can be found online.

But  think about it, when the zombie apocalypse comes, all these will be moot anyway. So, to calm myself down, I indulged in a little tension/stress-relieving zombie shootout while I take a break from all the online research and while waiting for my little hearts to cool down from the oven (nope, didn't have a violent breakdown. Made a dozen heart brooches which will be going with me to ARTE Souq Timesquare this Friday).

I removed the embedded game and replaced it with this screenshot.
The actual game started automatically, sounds and all and eventually became irritating.
You can find the games here

In case you stumble on this post because you're researching about attestations (and you know what that means) here's how to get documents attested in the UAE. Note that Dubai Notary will not notarize documents they did not issue (info also sourced online) so if you have any legal documents that you need notarized, you need to go to your own Consulate/Embassy. In cases of marriage certificates, you need it certified in the country where you got married before it can be legal for use in the  UAE. So in my case, in Cyprus (enter chorus) before I do the UAE round of attestations.

And I found out, just now, that VFS also handles attestations. I've used them before for visa application but this is also welcome news.

My journey to clear this mountain of documents before me is just starting but hopefully, I'll get it cleared soon enough - with the help of a lot of people and dead (again) zombies. 

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