Thursday, 21 August 2014

Raw Artists

Attended a very cool exhibition in Seattle last night promoting up and coming artists: RAW Artists. Showcasing inside a club, the event was a frenzy of performing artists, body art, photography, painters, fashion designers and more. 

RAW Artists is an organization by artists promoting and helping fellow artists. They have over 60 locations worldwide and their local directors would scour for potential exhibitors for a night's explosive and definitely creative festivities. 

Packed within those dark walls - Seattle's event was held at Neumos on E Pike St - was a wide range of works from thought provoking photography, beautiful pet portraits to chic accessories. All the while, the stage was busy with your singers and performing artists. 

RAW Seattle, 082014

RAW Seattle, 082014

RAW Seattle, 082014

RAW Seattle at Neumos 
How'd I know about it? The Seattle director contacted me as a potential exhibitor through my OrangeJar Etsy Shop - *tickled pink, blush, blush. Though I'm not decided yet on how to go about my first venture in the US outside my online shops, I have definitely enjoyed crawling out of my quiet rock and heading into busy Seattle to see a sample of RAW Artists at their best.

Just hop on to the RAW website for more info. 

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