Tuesday, 11 November 2014

10% Discount for OrangeJar Caricature/Cartoon Portrait!

Holiday season is in the air and it's time for the shopping frenzy again! So, just to throw in my own works in the mix and to make your gift unique, colorful and fun, I'm offering a 10% discount to my custom caricature/cartoon portraits. 

If you notice, the expiration is March 2015 - that's because I hate it when there's not enough time to use a discount code. So, just click and drag this discount voucher to your desktop to save it (or bookmark my blog). Once you're ready to order, just send me an email (details of what to send below) and I will create a custom list for you in my Etsy Shop

Voucher Details: 
Discount: 10% off, valid for one artwork
Expiration: March 31,  2015
One voucher per client

I'm starting to redirect payments to my Etsy Shop, so if you're using this voucher, I will ask you to pay through Etsy. To use the voucher, please email me at OrangeJar (@) and send:
  • a copy of this voucher
  • the number of people you want in the artwork 
  • 2-3 clear photos of each person (face/features and tops of the heads must be clearly visible, persons do not need to be together in the same photos),
  • A brief description of what you want them to be doing and wearing, 
  • Description of the theme/background (for orders with backgrounds only),
  • Send photos or links if you have specific requests (for clothes, backgrounds, props, whichever is applicable to your order). If you do not have a preference, I will choose this for you based on the theme or what they are wearing in the photo),
  • Specify what print size you want the final digital file in (A3, A4, A5).

Feel free to email the voucher to your family and friends. If you have any questions, just send an email or comment. 

Thanks for viewing! 

Note: Process, order and delivery details described in my my OrangeJarArt Etsy Shop applies.

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