Monday, 17 August 2015

Halloween decor

I love Halloween decor. I'd love to go crazy with jute sacks and black lace, ghoulish props and witches' brews. But of course, budget and space is always a problem. So I keep my Halloween party ideas on Pinterest instead. I collect inspirations from classic to the macabre on my board called Booooo... oooo... ooooooooooo...

So while collecting those, I have also dreamt up of making my own props and decor and finally this year -- enter unabashed self-promotion -- I have finally come out with my first Halloween inspired decorations: ghoulish bottles that will look back at you; black, aged, vessels to keep the spirits of the night. These, I am very proud to say, would look at home in your apothecary cupboard or witches' kitchen. These are available for sale in my Etsy shop. To view the full collection, just click here. 

Booooo.... oooooo... ooooo to you all.....

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