Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Project Magic: Fairy Doors

I was so excited to post these Winter projects but they were surprises so I couldn't reveal them before they were received. Now I've gotten word that they've been safely delivered, even as far as Germany so I can freely talk about them.

As Christmas gifts to family, I made fairy doors. It was small, easy to ship and a great way to wish them more magical adventures. These doors also brought a touch of whimsy and love to their homes. So here they are:

Aside from Bilbo's Baggins Hobbit door, everything was free flow from imagination. In that way, Bilbo's was the hardest to make because I wanted it to be true to the movie version. The windows are translucent and looked lovely when I put light behind it and the light shone through. Unfotunately, it was hard to take a picture of. This door, if you'll notice is from the period after Gandalf dropped in to mark Bilbo's door for the Dwarves to find him. Here are some close-ups:

All of the fairy doors above were made with solid polymer clay which were painted after baking. This last one however, I made a little differently. I wanted to experiment on brick work so I made individual bricks, baked them and then attached them one by one to the door frame. After putting everything in its place I baked the whole thing. To fill in the spaces in between the brick, I used Sheetrock Joint compound - coz I had a tub on hand - and pretty much did what you'd do with regular tiles/bricks. Fill in the cracks and wipe the excess off. I like how it looked at the end but I might substitute a different material next time for the filler and age it a bit more.

I will start offering Fairy Doors on my shop - - and you'll be able to open those doors. If you want a custom one, you can always send me an email.

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