Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Matching His & Hers Philippine Mythology Mugs

Perfect for Valentines, birthdays or anniversaries, I give you the Maganda and Malakas mugs! They are matching His & Hers mugs with silhouettes that will face each other.

In Philippine mythology, a bird split a giant bamboo in half and out came a man and a woman. He man was named "Malakas" (Strong One) and the woman was named "Maganda" (Beautiful One) and from the marriage of these two came the human race.

In one veresion, the middle says, 

"Mahal Kita
Walang Iba"

which means, I love you, nobody else. 

In the black and white version, it says 

"Malakas at Maganda

which means "Strong One and Beautiful One, Forever."

For literal translation, the text say "Strong and Beautiful, while there is life."

Malakas - Strong 
at - and
Maganda - Beautiful
Habambuhay - a contraction of "habang may buhay" which means (habang - while, may - have/has, buhay - life) - While there is life

In this context, I chose to interpret this as "forever," when love lasts more than a lifetime. Many cultures believe in a version of afterlife or even reincarnation, and I choose to believe that "habambuhay" is life in all versions, therefore, forever. 

Perfect for lovebirds out there! This illustration is my own design and printed on the mug by a production partner. Currently available for oder in my Etsy shop:

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