Monday, 9 November 2009

Children of the world

Interesting. Wouldn't mind driving to Abu Dhabi to see these:

ART SAWA invites you to the Abu Dhabi Art fair (Main galleries section: booth A9) from November 18 to 22, to view: The Children of the World by Rachid Khimoune

Rachid Khimoune’s greatest creation and lifework “Children Of The world”
to be held at Abu Dhabi Art fair in the garden of Emirates Palace.

ART SAWA will showcase an exhibition on a scale rarely seen in UAE.
A Monumental collection of sculptures by the renowned French /Algerian artist Rachid Khimoune.

This latest exhibition, curated by ART SAWA, comprises twenty-one remarkable sculptures depicting twenty-one children from all over the world, twenty-one being a metaphor for the 21stcentury in which the works were created. Rachid Khimoune’s artistic approach is rich, unique, and contemporary and appeals to an international audience: the artist has travelled the world searching for the original roots of his subjects and their cities.

“Children Of The World is a truly exceptional creation that ART SAWA is pleased to bring to the UAE and the region. We have always strived to raise the bar on the quality of life for the people of UAE and works of arts such as those created by the highly acclaimed Rachid Khimoune, will surely add a new creative dimension to the artistic offering in UAE and the region.”

Amel B. Makkawi, director of ART SAWA, commented; “This is a truly inspirational and universal project and is particularly relevant to this youthful country, where it will stand as a symbol of the complex relationship between art, history and the city’s diverse urban communities. The UAE, with its vibrant and multicultural human landscape, is the ideal and natural host for this great work of art.”

The scope of this exhibition befits the nature of Rachid Khimoune’s art: over eight years of creation, travel and immersion in the urban components of twenty-one international cities have resulted in an extraordinary body of work. “Children Of The World “explores and uncovers the diversity of the world’s people and is as inimitable as the different cultures it portrays.

Each piece is layered with the stories of cities and their people, and these become embedded in each cast as a visual expression of a historical and human archive. He has captured “the skins of the streets”, moulded their paving stones, drain covers and broken bitumen to produce works of art quite unlike any other.

The urban theme is the central focus and the inspiration of his work. Khimoune explains, “Although all streets seem to be the same, sewer plates and grids around trees are as different from one city to another as tattoos on skin. These are the symbols that represent the identity and document the history or memory of the city.”

Rachid Khimoune was born in France in 1953, in Decazeville (Aveyron) to Algerian parents. He graduated from L’Ecole SupĂ©rieure des Beaux Arts, in Paris in 1974, France’s most prestigious fine arts school, and first attained renown as a painter before turning to sculpture. Khimoune further commented, “Seeing what one doesn’t see anymore, looking at things differently, in magic and in dreams.” This is what makes his art so strong and meaningful. From the sewer plate, to the old electric plug, and through all his scavenged objects, Rachid gives depth and life to insignificant details.

One of the many goals for ART SAWA is to promote the UAE as a country where art and culture flourish and where artists can come and show their work to people who have an appreciation of great art. Having Rachid choose UAE and ART SAWA is an honour and we would encourage everyone to take advantage of the opportunity and come and experience this wonderful artist’s work. In keeping with ART SAWA’s commitment of giving back to the community while bringing art to it, it is hoped that this collection will find a permanent public home in the UAE.

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