Monday, 15 February 2010

Am an artist

Over 60 drawings of school children were displayed at Bawadi Mall as part of an exhibition “Am an artist” organized by “Housa Bin Mohammed” School, Al Ain, recently.

The eight-day show gave an opportunity to the students to show their classroom drawings to the wider community, which could provide a huge motivation for them to be professional artists.

The show was inaugurated by Sheikh Mohamed bin Khalifa bin Sultan bin Shakbout Al Nahyan in the presence of Salem Al Katheeri, Manager of Al Ain Education Zone, Mohamed Rashid Al Ghaithy, Deputy Manager of the education zone, Abdel Aziz Al Junaiby, Education Activities Head, Hussein Al Shatiri, Head of Customer Service, Mehdar Hussein, Head of Admin Affairs, Zahra Al Jeelani, Director of “Housa Bin Mohammed” School, Ahmed Jumaa Al Hamili, Head of community outreach at Al Ain Municipality, Bashar Tamimi, General Manager, Bawadi Mall and Khalid Shraim, Marketing Manager, Bawadi Mall.

The show was supervised by teachers Sahar Wazeeri and Sharifa Al Yehyaei, under the direction of Maha Zuheir Al Adib.

This exhibition sought to develop and change the way education is practiced in schools and the need for giving bigger room for creativity in the education process. It also works on further improving excellence in students and groom them with good talents and ethics.

Khalid Shraim, Marketing Manager, Bawadi Mall, said: “We were glad to host this exhibition which aimed at enhancing the talents of our students and directing it in the right way. The displays varied from art to simple drawings. We saw huge interest from visitors through out 8 days. Bawadi Mall hosted this show out of our beliefs that such exhibitions will further enhance the cultural position of Al Ain in the Pan Arab region.”

Zahra Al Jeelani, Director of “Housa Bin Mohammed” School, said: “Art was always associated with education where both enhance the way of living of the people. This show demonstrated the talents of our students and it has boosted their self confidence because their talents were recognized by visitors. Choosing Bawadi Mall as a venue to host this event has played an instrumental role in enhancing its success.”

The show organizers urged the business community to nurture artistic talents and establish academies and educational centers to enrich art and culture.

Visitors praised the talents of the children in the UAE. This show, based on simplicity, creativity and innovation, managed to bridge the gap between the art of drawing and people.

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