Saturday, 20 February 2010

Sharjah museums

Recently, we've committed to visiting the healthy number of Sharjah museums. Today, with the pottery class beckoning, we headed over to the Sharjah Archeological museum - the place was roomy and very informative! Love the dioramas about the different burial sites; a very good glimpse into the UAE's past.

We were told that they sometimes arrange site visits to the digs - that would be fun. We signed up for the alerts, hopefully it's something they'll organize while the weather is still fabulous!

There was also a pottery class held today. There was a short talk on pottery and its use in the olden times as well as the styles of making them. After that, we had a terracotta session where we fashioned our own mini jars. Nice eh?


The Secret Self said...


I've always wanted to learn pottery making. Always! Like, since Ghost (the movie).
That was years ago.
I want. Still want.

Ria Mendoza said...

you're so secret kasi