Sunday, 21 March 2010

Happy Mother's Day cards

Happy mother's day to all moms out there!

We're pretty sure there are going to be tears in mums' eyes when they read the cards their kids made them.

We couldn't help but say awwwww when we saw the emails kids sent us.

It was hard but we had to pick one winner - and that's Christine, 12 years old, who sent in her card for her Mommy Pearl. We love her use of colorful flower cutouts that frames the front of the card.

Inside, she continued the flower motiff and combined it with illustration - a sweet one of a mom kissing her child and a just as sweet letter. We're sure your mom is going to be so proud of you Christine! Congratulations!

For special prizes, we picked three: IC (12), Tel (9) and Kit (10).

IC used what looks like colorful tin foils which made his card bright and colorful. He also used cutouts from magazines to make his letterings. Very clever! He kept the inside simple which brought your focus to the message immediately, but the borders around the message made it interesting.

Tel emailed saying she also colored the back of the card. That's good design Tel! And she included a very cute picture of her and her mommy on the inside page making it very personal.

Kitkit used a bright yellow paper that added interest to the card and in his letter, he recalled his mom giving him confidence on his first day of school. Awww... we're just wiping tears from our own eyes. 

Congratulations kids, good work! Happy Mother's day to your mums and
all the mums out there!

And a special Happy Mother's Day to Amor Mendoza 
and Monica de Castro!

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