Saturday, 22 December 2012

Back to Star Wars & Fascinating Creatures

Have been busy with other projects but the good news is, it's been going on a more or less steady pace this last week, so I am able to return to crafting. First thing I did was organize my materials in a more coherent manner. I'm tired of spending half the time looking for things. 

After sorting out a new area to gather all craft materials, I cleaned out some box organizers to sort all the new findings I bought in Manila a month ago. I am not a clean freak, but it feels good to sort, organize and clean. For me, it also frees the mind from clutter and gives room for inspiration and creativity to flow in. 

Another new equipment I'm using is a lazy daisy which I found at Ikea! It has a bigger diameter so I have more workspace than the first one I bought from a smaller grocery (and that one doesn't really turn).  

I find that Darth Vader is always great at the ARTE Souq. Dispplayed the broken one at the last souq at Timesquare and it got several inquiries but I couldn't sell it knowing the light saber was broken. And since I did not have enough time to work on new stuff, no Star Wars inspired items on that day. 

Now, it seems I'm going back to Star Wars. I made another Darth V, a human jedi and a Twi'lek Jedi. Today, my imagination was still caught on the Twi'leks - made another Twi'lek Jedi, a Twi'lek non jedi and a baby Twi'lek.

Also managed to make a Harry Potter, Hermione and a UAE-inspired one. Pretty good turnout for the night. They are baking right now in the oven - I'll post photos when they're all colored and done. 

Wonder what creature from the ST world will fascinate me next. :)

The colored Dart V on the right is actually a Mrs Darth - notice the flaring skirt?  

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