Friday, 11 January 2013

Cake toppers and more in Dubai

I am not allowing myself to buy new supplies without finishing up what I have. It's a weakness of mine... I go gaga inside arts or crafts shops. Like many artists and crafters before me, I end up going home with more than what I originally planned on buying.

Some say it's better to get your supplies online, because you just order just what you need. Wrong! I go to an online craft store and I end up putting more in my cart, again, more than I originally planned on buying. The good news is, most sites have "wish lists" now. So I just tag the ones I like and put them in the wish list. Creates a little cushion for my pocket. Sigh. Don't you just love buying art supplies? I really do.

Anyway, back to work. I've been nursing a headache these last three days so my world has been really quiet. My hubby and I got into a discussion about the term "nursing a headache". If you nurse a baby, you make her/him grow bigger, so if you nurse a headache, does it mean you want it to last longer? Rambling...

I've been working on keychains. These little cuties have a hook on their little heads that allow me to strap on silver finish key hooks on them. They'll be available on Etsy or at ARTE Souq Timesquare this coming February 8: UAE collection, Star Wars inspired collection, Harry Potter inspired collection, and the new line I've been developing - Wedding Cake Toppers. All of these are handmade with non-toxic polymer clay, with no molds used. (Insert advertisement: You can order your own custom made wedding cake topper or birthday cake topper - cake topper for any occasion! - just email me at orangejar @

I really enjoyed working on this Ron & Hermione-inspired wedding cake topper sample. Adding all those small details was really satisfying. There are a couple more that I am working on: a Hans Solo (in his usual garb) and Princess Leia (in her ceremonial gown) and a traditional bride (white gown) and groom (tux). All of these couples will be displayed at ARTE Souq in Feb as samples of custom made wedding cake toppers. My next project will be another bride and groom but the bride will have a more elaborate gown.

Feels great to working with clay again.

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