Monday, 14 January 2013

Creature Features

Different creatures have caught my attention this week. It all started with a cute little monster I saw on Pinterest. It simply sparked my imagination and I went off to craft adorable creatures and cute little monsters of my own.

It's but natural I guess, I loved the Alien movies. I loved Predator too. Don't ask me details about the story but when I saw those flicks, I was fascinated with how those creatures looked, how they moved and how they acted. They were absolutely, morbidly fascinating.

I specially love recreations of them. In souvenir shops in Karama Souq, and Mall of the Emirates, I saw metal artworks of both the Predator and Alien. These artworks were made of tubes, bolts and nuts and were simply amazing! And they were available in both life and table top sizes. (Note to self: gotta buy one of each).

Are you familiar with the movie She Creature? Yes, loved that mermaid lore too - quite fascinating the way the writers went back to the original mermaid/siren mythology that these sea creatures are harbingers of doom.

So today, I was filling my quota of how tos on sculpting and I found myself watching one of Stan Winston's School's Youtube videos. It was about the creation of another monster creature - Pumpkinhead. It's a 1988 horror film about a father who would do anything to avenge his wronged son - thus releasing Pumpkinhead into the world. 

One of the guys in the FX team also worked on Predator. This video documents how they went about creating the monster, highlighted the important characters they needed and most importantly, documented all the fun they had in the process.

I want to learn all these things! It's officially on my wish list. But for now, I'm satisfied with the videos. Tomorrow, I'll probably be just trolling their Youtube vids to watch more.  

So, here's my video find of the day, I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did! 

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Stuart Hoyt said...

Loved Aliens! Can't wait to see your rendition of the monster :-)