Sunday, 27 January 2013

Gadgets wish list

When I was young my mom asked me why my hobbies always tended to be expensive. I went into oil painting first and you can imagine how much oil paints, canvases, easels and brushes cost even for beginners. Then I got into photography and darkroom development.

After that, I got sucked into digital design and of course fell in love with Mac. I have only had one PC in my life and after I left that behind, literally, I have gone Apple forever (can't say all the way because I still do not believe in the iPhone).

With such whims, eherm necessities, I have to make my gadgets last forever. I can't very well be upgrading every time there's a new release. And to stop that envious flutter every time something bright and new comes out, I put blinders on, stay away from Gitex, this region's biggest electronic and gadgets convention, and generally all big sale signs.

Alas, I cannot avoid these bright, new, shiny things forever. In the last few days alone, I have come up with a gadgets wish list that makes my heart go rum-a-thump-thump.

1. Ipad Mini - It's the size. I love it! It's not so big, it's not so small. Steve Jobs might not have wanted this format, but I feel it's perfect. It's easy to slip inside a small handbag, great for meetings and presentations and gives you access to emails which will show artwork attachments. Now if they could just have added a nice and easy usb connection...

2. Wacom Inkling - I love my Wacom Intuous 3, though admittedly I have not used it to full capacity yet. But no matter how used I am to technology, I still find myself looking for pencil and paper when I want to sketch. Now, this new Inkling will let me do that, draw on paper, but will record the strokes giving me access later to the full digital version. What's not to love about that?
3. Polaroid - Going retro, I want this refurbished Express 600 Limited Edition Instant Camera. I remember one of our uncles leaving his Polaroid with us but nobody really used it because it was expensive. This version is only USD99.99 and print I think will also only come up to about 1USD each. I can imagine myself now, framing the shot, shooting and waiting for the print - so adorable!

I can probably add a few more here, if you just give more time to think about it (not so hi-tech-gadgety but I would love craft tools right now like a Dremmel and a Wood Burning Tool) but I'll stop right here. Because this week, I am in love with these three. 

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