Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Making cake toppers fun

For ARTE Souq Timesquare, Dubai, this coming February 8, I want to display more options for cake toppers. The most recent one I finished is this couple who apparently just fell down. In my mind the groom slipped when he stepped on the cake and they both fell, huge expressions of surprise on both their faces. I just love it when humor and action are injected in the usual traditional ceremonies. My hubby and I had a small civil wedding in Cyprus so we did not go the traditional route but if we did go the way of multi-layer chiffon with white unblemished fondant - I would have loved it if it had a likeness of us in our wedding formals doing something funny. It's not too late, we can always do it in one of our anniversaries, so I'm already racking my brains for the perfect fit.

Another cake topper I finished is a themed one, for Harry Potter fans (which can be customized to any theme - Star Wars, Shrek, etc). The great love that built over the years, through friendship, rivalry, war and magic - that of Ron and Hermione. This cake topper sample shows them both standing in the same action-packed stance, wands-a-ready, and flicking it off to some unseen, yet happy, object. 

Of course, I can't forget the traditional route. So here I have a lovely couple, just waiting for the ceremony to start. The bride has a lovely violet bouquet, a silver tiara and silver trimmings on her gown while the groom looks on, standing proud in his tux, silver tie, and matching violet corsage.

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