Saturday, 23 February 2013

Inspiring blooms

Spent the morning at the newly opened Dubai Miracle Garden or DMG. My friends heard about it from another friend, and decided to check it out. It was a lovely park with seasonal blooms, vertical gardens and lovely landscaping. 

We got there around 10am, the breeze was still nice and cool and the sun bright and clear. After paying the 20AED ticket at the entrance, we got in to be greeted by a vista of red flowers "flowing" from a giant pot. Everywhere we looked there were colorful blooms - marigolds and petunias - gently bobbing their heads. If not a floor of flowers then there were heart and star-shaped creations against the grass. 

Quick crop and it's a sea of beautiful blooms.
Weaving in and out of the flowerbeds were paths that take you around the whole park, and breaking the vista of endless flowers were romantic arches filled with blooms. There was also a path heralded by heart-shaped arches, a path with colorful children's umbrellas offering a little shade and another one with hanging recycled bottles. 

The only thing that marred this scene was the neon-colored safety vests worn by the park personnel. They were plenty of them and it was hard trying to frame the photos without one! At one point, one of the staff walked towards us and stood directly behind my friend as I was trying to take her photo. I asked him to move but he only looked at me. LOL. We decided to just wait till he moved again. Then when there was enough space, I simply zoomed in so that he's not in the frame. 

The staff will also shoo you away if you get too near the flowers, and in other people's cases, when you try jump shots. Evidently, no jumping is allowed. We left around lunch time, the sun was already mercilessly warm and there was not much shade (no trees), so wear a hat if you're going during the day.  

Al Ain opened it's Paradise Park last year. I have not been there yet as there are times when they are closed. That park officially holds the Guiness record for the most number of hanging baskets at 2, 968, according to this article. It would indeed be a sight to see. 

In the meantime, DMG is another great destination especially if you need a quick dose of colorful inspirations. They are open from 10-10 on weekdays and 10am -12 midnight on weekends. To go there, just take the Arabian Ranches/Arjan exit along Emirates Road. Follow Arjan till you see the unfinished parking lot and the white Miracle Garden sign. 

There were several buggies and cars decorated with plants too!
Perfect for those prenuptial pictorials.

Lovely arches. There was loud music blaring at the background though, kind of ruined the whole quiet, scenic mood. 

Ahh... so simple yet so elegant.

Part of the wall of flowers.

Recycled bottles used as hanging pots - very cool!

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