Sunday, 3 March 2013

Caricature for Dea

My friend from high school treasures the month of February in her relationship. It's not just because it's the worldwide month of love but because it is the month when their love for each other was first officially acknowledged and from then, steadily strengthened.

This year, in celebration of Valentines and the month of Feb, she commissioned a caricature of her and her husband, Chef Andrew, as a surprised gift. In it are all the wonderfully significant things and places in their early relationship - a bag of chili dilis (small crispy, chili fish), telephones, a shower (because according to the rules of the universe, the phone will ring when you're in the shower, and that much-awaited first call did come when she was in the shower!), Big Boy, Starbucks, Figaro Cafe, Galo's, Slim Jims and finally, a treasured message that her hubby wrote on a piece of paper.

It was fun creating this piece - there were lots of details that built up to the lovely, loving couple they are now.

Happy anniversary Dea and Andrew!

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