Sunday, 14 April 2013

Comics & sandstorms

Birthday month! And quite busy too. The friends whisked me off to Mercure Hotel at Jebel Hafeet and we had a great weekend swimming, playing mini golf and squash. Weather was having a tantrum too, sandstorm started, which peaked with rains and thunder, imagine that. The whole place had sepia tones to it. 

Mercure Hotel, Jebel Hafeet, Al Ain, UAE - Photo by M. Alba

Rain and sandstorm

Had several projects to work on too. First was this comics for my uncle's campaign, Manny De Castro, who is running for Mayor of Silang, Cavite back in the Philippines. My mom's home town, we used to go there every weekend and holidays as a kid. Every time I go back to the islands, I make a point to visit my grandma and relatives there. Now, my uncle is running and from what I see of his campaign for education, livelihood and environment, he's going to do great. Here's to hoping he wins (and I hope this little artwork contribution of mine helps)!

Imagine that, half the month gone already. I'll post the other works I've finished another day. 

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