Monday, 1 April 2013

Welcome April!

Happy April Fool's!!!

Wow - the year is just in a hurry to speed past us. That's quarter of the year down already.

Anyway this April, we are looking at more creative stuff ahead. Got this in the email today, April schedule of workshops and more at the Sharjah Museums Department, check it out and have fun!

The Spring of Our Heritage

8 April: UAE traditional crafts programme followed by: Create Your Own Dallah and Finyal workshop.
9 April:  UAE traditional cuisine programme followed by: the preparation of Chami, UAE traditional dish made of frosted goat or cow’s milk workshop.
10 April: Old Emirati kitchen tools in today’s modernity followed by: Kitchen Decoration workshop.
11 April: UAE women’s beauty followed by: a workshop in producing natural perfumes.

To book, call 06 519 7259 or email 

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