Monday, 6 January 2014

Client feedback & new dolls

Ugh. I've just been really slow at crossing off items in my to do list. The holidays lulled me into a very zombierriffic state. I did catch up with a tons of TV series I wanted to finish though, which is always good for the soul. ;)

Last month, my client sent a great big thumbs up, a feedback from his team, for the group caricature he ordered. Always tickled pink when client sends feedback. The team was from a very international background so I had fun playing with the setting with scenes from China, UAE and Japan to name a few. 

Year's starting slowly... hard to get back to routine after all the lovely food and late mornings. But one thing I did get back on to is my clay work. Here's a preview of one of my latest creations: Filipiana doll in the simple baro at saya (top and skirt). I'm still not done with her, still tons to do and learn, but this is the reason why I became interested in clay work in the first place. And I am quite happy with how she looks so far. Hope you like it!

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