Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Missing Missy

One of my mom's dear friends ordered a custom pet sculpture from me a few months back but she's only had the chance to give it to her friend recently. Her friend has been mourning the loss of her dog Missy, and she wanted to give her a memorial of her beloved pet. It was sad working on this piece, I've lost pet dogs over the years and I know the heartbreak it brings.

After the order was completed, she sent me a lovely message about how alike the custom pet sculpture and the real Missy was. And the other day, when she was finally able to give the custom dog sculpture to her friend, she sent me these photos.

Thank you for sharing these photos. I am glad to know that even though Missy is not there with her anymore, she will never be forgotten. I am hoping that Missy finds her way back to her or if not, to a new home that will love her just as much.

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