Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Group Caricature for a Going Away Present

I feel like I won an award every time a client emails me their feedback on a clay work or caricature order. More so, when they also share how much their recipients loved the caricature gift.

Nermeen, contacted me from the UAE. They wished to give their boss, who is moving to the USA, a memorable going away token that will remind her of their group, their department and all their hard work and successes. She also requested for the background to reflect the journey of their boss through the landmarks in the background: from Egypt, to the UAE to the USA. After I sent her her the finished artwork, she had it printed on canvas which turned out great. 

To Nermeen, thanks for sending the photos and leaving such a lovely review in my OrangeJar Etsy shop!

5 stars from Nermeen:
"Ria is a super Artist with very accurate, fast execution and time management. While others provided longer periods with very exaggerated prices, Ria is providing a very professional service with impeccable timing as well as super attention to details with very cost effective prices. The portrait was for my boss's Farewell and enough to say that my boss said: "This is the most amazing gift that I have received in my life"!! I would recommend Ria to my friends and co-workers"

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