Thursday, 10 September 2015

30 days of Yoga: D1

For a couch potato like myself, easing back into exercise is not easy. I know. My history is pot marked with good intentions. In the past, the one thing that was able to push me to be consistent was doing it with a group, like meet-ups with my good friends from my backpacking/hiking days. We had training exercises three to four times a week, which made it regular and fun.

The second was attending classes. Being there with other people and with a teacher or leader that guided you was the best solution for me. However, classes mean money, and I have given up classes before because of budget concerns. But now, with Youtube and the tons of generous, talented people out there willing to share their talents, that's not an excuse anymore. One of those is Adriene. I do not know her personally, I only recently found her Youtube videos but I am enjoying it immensely - just don't ask my aching muscles. 

I've written about a couple of her Yoga vids on easing into the practice. And today, I started Day 1 of her 30 Days of Yoga challenge. It feels good! BUT. I will not push myself to do this daily - I need to be able to forgive myself if there are days that I can't sit still for 30 minutes of introspection (and torture) but I do aim to follow the challenge at least 2-3 days in a week. Hope you can try and enjoy it too. Here's the link to her vids. 

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