Saturday, 12 September 2015

Apothecary Collection - hand painted labels

Recently, I started my ghoulish bottle collection (I blogged about it here) - creepy eyes and screaming black souls looking at you from black bottles filled with whatever ghoulish content your imagination can dredge up. And I'm having tons of creepy fun creating them!

Today, I started a hand-painted labels series featuring the most exotic of ingredients - mermaid scales and werewolf fur. They are now available on my Etsy shop. These, like my ghoulish series are so fun to make, I'll definitely be coming up with more soon.

Halloween / Witch's Brews & Potions / Apothecary Collection

Mermaid Scales

Back of Mermaid Scales bottle

Werewolf Fur

Back of Werewolf Fur bottle

Ghoulish potions

Back of ghoulish potions

Creepy bottle, rounded edges

Screaming souls from all sides

Screaming souls from all sides

The new collection

Product details available on my Etsy Shop: OrangeJarArt

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