Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Make your own ghoulish Halloween centerpiece

Simple, easy to assemble and will make a real creepy centerpiece
Planning your Halloween dinner? Here's a macabre centerpiece for your dining table that will fit the mood - a dead tree with low hanging Halloween decor. It's pretty simple to make with found materials. All you need are: Halloween decor that you can hang (your local dollar store is always a good bet for affordable, creepy fun, or you can get unique and hand made Halloween decor, or use any Halloween decor that you already have). Next you need a dark green wine bottle, cleaned and dried.  If you don't drink wine or have any old wine bottles handy, look in your kitchen. Those brown steak sauce bottles or even soy sauce bottles would make great vases.  Last, you need fallen twigs/branches and some of those glorious autumn leaves. And with trees shedding their golden foliage this time of year, the last two are available almost anywhere.

Materials: wine bottle, twigs, leaves and Halloween decor

1. If you want a black bottle, you have to first spray paint your bottle and let it dry. As an alternative, you can use your cleaned dark green or brown wine/sauce bottle as is. The color adds interest and color that's in keeping with the season.

2. Position your twigs and make sure they fit in the bottle's mouth securely. Arrange the twigs to point in different directions, away from your bottle. This will make it look like a tree with its branches spreading out. Try to choose twigs with several branches or curves on them. These lines will give your centerpiece more interest.

3. And here's the best step, hang your decorative Halloween decor! Oh so fun!

4. As a last touch, spread autumn leaves at the foot of the bottle. You can also hang some up on your twigs for color.

If you want to make a bigger centerpiece, use three bottles and stand them together with the sides touching. Tie all three bottles together with a black ribbon or loosely drape a gray or black muslin over it after you have inserted the twigs. Cheesecloth also works great for this, you can dye them with fabric dye or just let it steep in really strong coffee, then dry, to get a darker, dirtier look. Use bigger twigs and insert one in each bottle and then hang up your Halloween decor. This simple piece would work great as a corner accent too.

There you go, a creepylicious centerpiece for Halloween! Hope you have fun creating your own centerpieces!


If you are interested in the hand made, one of a kind Halloween decor in the pictures (they can sit on a vase or hang upside down) and creepy Halloween bottles, they are available in my Etsy Shop or at the Spooked in Seattle Gift Shop.

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