Monday, 16 November 2015

Santa has the moonies

More than three years ago, while still based in Dubai, I ordered Cernit, Living Doll, Super Sculpey and Paper Clay online. A lot of those made it back to the USA when I moved here. I have not had the chance to really use them till now so it's catching up time. But that also goes to say that a lot of my polymer clay have been in stock for years! They're still good as far as I can tell and those that became a little hard is fine with a dab or two of clay conditioner.

So now that I have tried most of them, I'm still not decided on which I really like to use. I love the white Cernit for miniatures, like my mini dogs. They have a very ceramic like finish which I love. For simpler works, like my creepylicious bottles and Halloween eyes -- which by the way are also available in Spooked in Seattle Gift Shop -- I love Original Sculpey White because it's soft and easy to work with.

But for dolls, I'm not decided on which is the best. I've gone through my Living Doll and most light colored Cernit without problems. Now, I'm going through Super Sculpey beige and having a tough time. I've made two dolls with it and both came out with the dreaded whitish, half circles just beneath the surface.

At first I thought it was the tape covering my armature showing through because the first doll was an experiment in size so I did not want to use too much clay on it. However, the second doll, which is going to be Santa, had more than enough clay coverage so I am definite it was not the armature showing through. Turns out, those whitish half circles which peppered both dolls are plaques or moonies (more on plaquing or mooning here).

Ugh those new moons

Quite appropriately named come to think of it, they do look like a plethora of new moons! They are ugly, and because I'm not planning on painting over my Santa, they are super annoying!

One solution to prevent this, I read on is to add a little Premo when you condition the Super Sculpey. Another is to avoid drastic changes in temperatures. I still have to try these two solutions to know if they will work for me. For now, I'm putting Santa aside because getting the moonies was simply frustrating.

To take my mind off this unexpected block, I took a break from polymer clay and made a rag doll over the weekend. This going to be a Christmas gift for my niece. Shhh... don't tell her. ;)

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