Monday, 16 November 2015

Weekend project: Rag Doll

To take a break from a bad case of moonies (you can see my post here), I switched to a different medium over the weekend. I made a soft doll with hypoallergenic filling, a Christmas gift for my niece. 

My theme here is still Filipiana, so Pipay the rag doll, is wearing a bluegreen halter neck dress with a pink Filipiana bolero. The dress was adorned with shabby chic pink floral patches and her bolero has a matching brooch. 

I will try to make butterfly sleeves next time - that is, if I ever find my iron. I'm not decided yet if I want her to have full face but I do like the style of rag dolls with eyes on them and no other features. Any votes? 

However she turns out, I hope my niece likes Pipay! 

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