Saturday, 13 October 2012

ARTE Souq Timesquare Yesterday

Was at ARTE Souq Time Square yesterday - tons of fun talking to people interested in my clay line and learning from the other vendors. A huge thank you to my friends Ena and Lucy for keeping me company, and to all friends who dropped by. :) Thank you!

If you want to see my work, please drop by ARTE Ikea on Nov 2 or ARTE Time Square on Nov 9
It was only my second time with ARTE - the first one was last year around Ramadan. Back then, my neighbor vendor was another Filipina who sold jewelery. She started it as a hobby after she quit her job and got married. One of her husband's friends recommended her to ARTE and she had been with them ever since. After a few months (or was it a year?) she opened a small stall in Ibn Battuta mall. Quite a feat and inspiration. 

So, here's to hoping that I go the same way with my new clay line. I have zombies, angels, and UAE-inspired clay work. The good news is, I also got custom order for a Star Wars set and two custom order to make likeness of people but in the same style of my current clay collectibles. There was also a client who wanted to discuss character development. So it's all good.  
These little darlings are now available at Etsy. My shop name is

I've also added the clay collectible products to my newly opened Etsy shop, so please stop by to visit. My Etsy address is www.etsy/shop/orangejarart. It's OrangeJarArt. Unfortunately, there was already another vendor with the shop name "Orangejar" so I couldn't get it and I did not want to change my shop name because this has been my shop name for years! Anyway, just please remember to add "ART" at the end of "OrangeJar" to find my Etsy shop. Thanks and see you there!

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