Sunday, 14 October 2012

The Breadmaker

Finally, The Breadmaker is done! The basic sculpt was done more than a month or two ago, but I just wasn't quite sure where I wanted to take it. Do I paint it? Realistic colors or monochrome? Glaze it? I just wasn't sure.

So I posted the unfinished work in my FB page and a lot of comments voted for keeping the terracotta look. That felt right to me. I did like the terracotta look very much. But I felt that it just needed something more. So I took out my chocolate antiquing medium and started applying it all over. And this is the final result. Now, I know it's done.

So I present, The Breadmaker.

Height: 5.5"
Width (from elbow to elbow): 5"
Material: Polymer Clay

Let me know how you like it. Thanks!

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