Wednesday, 3 October 2012

DealGobbler & Wedding tokens

This was a busy time last year. One of my projects included a partnership with where we offered 50% off on caricatures.

There were 15 clients who bought vouchers - I know it's not much but that was still more than a dozen! And it was my first time to enter such a partnership. Most of the clients redeemed their voucher towards December making that month even more hectic.

Screenshot after the deal was done
Which leads me to another client...

Wedding tokens

Caricatures can be used for so many things. The design can be used for invitations, greeting cards, stationeries, mugs, and so much more. So around this time too last year, I was approached by a lovely couple who were about to be married. It was to be a small wedding - yes, they know each and every one who will be there, and they wanted a caricature for each of them. The artworks served as name cards which they could take home as wedding tokens.

After our meeting, we settled on the price, the style and the type of paper they want. I drew 90+ pen and ink caricatures on A6 quality drawing paper for them. My clients would send photos with complete descriptions of what they wanted in each artwork - which of course, made researching details and drawing each piece easier.

Pen and Ink is my first love so I really enjoyed going back to this medium. And I'm happy to report, even if it's a year later, that my clients said they were extremely satisfied with my work, in fact, I was the only supplier for their wedding that they were happy with (that's what they said! and I'm happy they're happy! Hmm that doesn't say much for Dubai wedding suppliers though - but they did not elaborate so I have no idea how their deals with the others went).

Seeing those caricatures as I was cleaning up my external harddrives made me long to make more pen and ink artworks which I loved to create when I was younger. Hopefully this would push me soon to start doodling and sketching and creating more artworks in this medium.

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