Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Gangnam Style!

When gangnam style exploded in the world, it really exploded because it reached me under my special corner under my special rock. But, I did resist to look it up until my imp of a nephew kept laughing while we were chatting because he was watching gangnam style videos.

Less than a week later, good friend Ena, makes us watch the actual MTV made by Psy, that new celeb wonder, weird elevator scene and all.

And just a few days later, calls Chat who made all her colleagues dance to the Gangnam style and wanted an MTV of their work/fun times in the office to celebrate their fifth anniversary.

Now, my ears are bleeding gangnam style. Been listening to the music for the last two days, staring at people dancing gangnam style, and nodding to the beat of gangnam style, so don't be surprised if I suddenly stand up and do the horse dance ... coz... I'm a ... sexy leydeeeee!

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