Sunday, 21 October 2012

Star Wars set is done!

And just in time too!

I did not imagine it would take me more than a week to create all nine characters. Granted I had stuff to do in between, but I really thought this set would go faster.

I am so proud of my babies - is this vanity? I love each one to bits! I almost don't want to see them go. Doesn't help that I love Star Wars. That's the reason why I created the kawaii versions that I displayed at ARTE Time Square two Fridays ago. That's what my client saw and that's why he ordered a full set.

While I was painting last night and earlier today, I've been listening to Etsy Online Labs - they've got a lot of testimonials, workshops, tips, newbie tips, seller guidelines that are really worth listening to. It was quite cool that I'm finishing up an order and learning how to keep my shop up, specially since I'm a newbie on this selling platform and need all the help I can get.

Alrighty, right now, I'm going to take a break. Well, clean up my stuff first, my computer table is a mess - splattered paints and all. Take more photos of the ST set - this is the last time I'm seeing them :( and pack them up for delivery. Hmm... that break must wait. Quick glance at the clock and it's almost five, and delivery is at 6. Sigh. No time after all. Oh well.

They're done and I'm happy.

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