Saturday, 20 October 2012

Birthday party Invitation designs

Ugh. Started my day really late! Woke up dreaming that I'm in a world where two separate group of peoples live - and one couldn't breathe well once they are in the other's boundaries.

Still quite muddled from that. But the day is clearing up... thanks to Mount Province Arabica coffee from my friend Lucy!

I have set aside today to paint the Star Wars set. Need to be done today, as they are all to be delivered tomorrow. Luckily, acrylic and the glaze I use dry up really quickly. It's the painting that will take time with all those itty bitty details.

But before I get to that, I just wanted to post about three items on my Etsy shop - invitation designs for birthdays and other parties. They are available for only 10USD - you get the digital file and you can print it at home or bring it to your printer's. It comes with a complementing Thank You card and four cake topper designs.

All characters are done by OrangeJar and text are customizable. If you want to purchase any of these designs, please send a PayPal payment to orangejar (@) for USD10 and email me the text that needs to go in the card. I will email you proofs for checking and after we've finalized all that, I will send the hi-resolution copy that you can download and print.

More designs to come soon. Thanks for viewing!

Alien Theme Birthday Party Invitation Design

Alien Theme Thank You Card Design

Alien Theme Cake Topper Design

Arts & Crafts Theme Invitation Design

Arts & Crafts Theme Thank You Card
Arts & Crafts Theme Cake Topper Design

B&W Smiley Invitation Design

B&W Smiley Thank You Card Design

B&W Smiley Cake Topper Design


Jans said...

Love the smiley card!!!

Ria Mendoza said...

thanks Jans! customizable colors! :D