Friday, 19 October 2012

Darth Vader

Wow! Darth Vader has been really giving me a hard time. I thought today would be dedicated to painting that custom ordered Star Wars set - but instead, I decided to start my day creating a new Darth V so that he looks more in scale with the rest of the group. Well he does look like he's part of the group of course, but I just want him to blend better.

For some reason, the arms were not working with me... had to redo it several times, and when I finally called it quits, the arm with the light saber had the temerity to one up me by falling miserably down - the arm was torn from the body (if it had sockets, I'd say the arm was torn off from the sockets!) and the light saber looked like it received a good beating. My arm connecting skills today were just off.

So, I left home for a break. Went to a teen bopper break (Happy birthday Tetel!) at the Dubai Festival City Planetarium - short movie about astronauts and a pizza dinner with the rest of the party. I was looking forward to the movie because the last planetarium I visited in Singapore was simply amazing! The 3D effect seemed to engulf us.

Sadly, that's not the case here. It was not a real planetarium to begin with - they had a dome-shaped screen at the ceiling inside a huge corner facility of the mall beside Dino Live show. The Dino Live Show was making a lot of dino sounds that were a bit distracting, the place was not properly dimmed and the projectors did not seem to be all in sync so you get fuzzy outlines on the images.

The fun thing though were the bean bags. The floor beneath the dome were littered with bright orange bean bags, and as soon as we saw them, we zoomed straight to the middle and made ourselves comfortable.

I know astronauts do amazing stuff and all these space research has done so much for technology and our lives - but man, knowing that being an astronaut can give you bone density loss, muscle loss, three-day motion sickness and put you at risk of radiation, that mean, horrible vacuum, extreme cold and  other hazards - you have to wonder who would be sane enough to dream of becoming astronauts (yes the glory! the glory! the science! but the danger, the inhospitable environment, the health hazards!).

That said, it was an over all fun night.

Also dropped by Hard Rock Cafe to check in on a friend's event  before heading home.

Now, I'm waiting for the oven timer to go off and tell me that my latest Darth V is a huge success!

I also started a personal project - a chess set. I don't know how to play chess but since I first saw themed designed chess pieces I've been in love. Star Wars, LOTR, and Philippine-inspired pieces are some of my faves. Last time we were in Cyprus, we bought a Greek gods set for my husband's son. Made in Greece (ha! I love that! The stuff we bought from there were either Made in Greece or Made in Cyprus - none of that Made in China stuff).

For my set, I've decided to go with a Star Wars theme. The number is a bit daunting but I'll work on it one piece at a time.

There's the timer... gotta get my Darth V out now. 

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