Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Tennis themed caricature & places to get prints

Always great to hear from clients. This is from a client in Ajman who told me they had they had their prints made in a Kodak store. That's really great news, it's been years of course, but the last time I checked with a Kodak shop, it would take them days to print anything bigger than 5r because they did not have the machines for it (the branch near my home in Dubai before had to send it off to a bigger branch). So it's great to know that they offer bigger formats now with less wait. This shop was from one of the malls in Ajman and I believe my client waited for only a few minutes for this print.

If you have a very good printer, you can even print the artwork at home. Caricatures are great for invitations and seasonal greeting cards, not just wall decor.

Before this, I always recommend a specific digital printer in Dubai called Al Suwaidi Computers along Mankhool Road. Their big HP printer is really good. I'll be adding Kodak to that list now - they are usually easier to find, being in popular areas like malls and you get assured photo quality prints,

Thanks EMT for sending this photo!

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